The ‘Nappily Ever After’ Trailer Is Finally Here!

I am officially over the moon excited! The Netflix trailer for Nappily Ever After has finally been released and it looks soooooo good! 

Sanaa will play the role of Violet Jones who has a seemingly flawless life including a great job, a handsome boyfriend who happens to be a medical doctor and a meticulously maintained perfect crown of glory. But after a mishap at the hair salon, everything seems to spiral out of control and Violet begins to realize that she was living the life she thought she was supposed to live; not the one that she really wanted. After her man doesn't propose and a child at the hair salon puts her in her place about how much money she's spending on her hair, we see the evolution of what perfection looks like. 

Watch the trailer below.

I am totally prepared to be inspired by this story.  C'mon September 21st!!! 



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