LaLa Anthony Will Star As KeKe In Drake's Video

Everybody has been wondering about the identity of the infamous "KeKe" from Drake's popular song "In My Feelings". No one seems to know who the REAL KeKe is . . but, as the excitement continues to build for the video release, we just learned that LaLa Anthony will be playing the role of KeKe.

LaLa hasn't given specifics about her role, but she did give us an eye-full on her Instagram page. With the caption, "Hey KeKe...Do you love me? #InMyFeelings"

Below is a sneak peak of LaLa's look for the video:


Other details about the “In My Feelings” video have spilled out including rumors that Big Freedia will make a cameo. Behind the scenes footage from New Orleans confirmed that Karena Evans will direct the video.

We'll be waiting for the video premiere! 



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