Eddie Murphy Returns To 'Saturday Night Live'

Eddie Murphy returned to 'Saturday Night Live' for the first time in 35 years! He originally joined the show when he was just 19 years old, and the last time he hosted the show it was Dec. 15, 1984, just a few months after he quit the program to focus on his flourishing film career. In the sketches that aired that night, he revisited several of his beloved characters, including Buckwheat, Gumby, and Mr. Robinson.

During the show, Eddie brought back to life some of his best roles including Gumby!

When he did his bit on Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood it featured a much older Mr. Robinson who's now a property squatter.

There was also an extremely funny sketch about 'Masked Singer'.

One thing's for sure, Eddie Murphy's return to 'Saturday Night Live' was well worth the wait! Now if they could only get him to return as a regular on the show that would be incredible!

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