Tiffany Haddish Preparing Her Debut Album

Did you know that Tiffany Haddish actually earning a Grammy nomination in the best spoken word category for narrating her memoir, "The Last Black Unicorn" and doing some singing in the Lego Movie 2? Well, our girl is now ready to give music a shot. She granted GLAMOUR last week, where she revealed that she is working on her debut album! She told the magazine:

"I’m working on an album! Granted, most of this album has already happened in my head, but that’s how it starts. It all starts in here and then it comes out and I’ve been talking to people. I’m going to see what happens. It might be really great, it might not but who cares, right? You’ve got to give it a shot."

In addition, she revealed that she hopes to have Grammy-award winning rapper Cardi B on the new project.

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