The RnB Teacher!

My daughter Sarah gets up around 5am like clockwork...everyday..weekends are no different!

Over the holidays, I scrolled through the kids account on Netflix and found a cartoon called "Motown Magic". I figured that since Sarah is a music fanatic, this could work.

Man! Perfect!

The premise is that Motown songs can be used to teach lessons about everyday life. 


In one episode, the Grandfather character is lamenting how things have changed in Detroit over the years. He sees a picture of a car that he remembers building during his days working at one of the car factories. The car model is a "Jimmy Mack".

One day after Sarah had seen a few episodes, she begins singing "Jimmy..Oh Jimmy..Oh Jimmy Mack, when are you coming back?!?".

My mother turns and asks "Is Sarah singing Jimmy Mack?!?"

I smiled and said "Yep!"

Clearly, the cartoon works!



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