Mass Money!

As some of you may know, My wife and I are trying to lock down where we want to stay in the area. 

It's one thing to ask people (who have all had great suggestions! I actually had a woman at a recent dance party offer up a place..that's how truly amazing our 97-7 family is) and it's another thing to see the numbers.

The census just released the average household income levels for all of Massachusetts. 

While our goal is not to run to the richest neighborhood for schools and life, I would like to see what places fit our family's persona as well as the accessibility to various programs that will benefit our daughter with special needs.

 Check out the list here

From time to time over the next few months, I will lean on your opinions to assist my wife and I on our decision to plant a stake in one of these beautiful towns!

Happy Holidays!


Photo Credit: Getty Images


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