Holidays and The Ones No Longer Here

At this time of the year, it's especially important to reach out to those who has recently lost a loved one.

The images of family, holiday cheer, and Christmas can be depression triggers for those still coping with a recent loss.

It was just before Christmas in 1983, and my 7 year old brother Sean was scheduled to have surgery. I don't recall having any nervousness about the procedure.  They would end up cancelling the surgery because my brother had eaten some pork rinds (skins) and had not digested them all the way through.


A sketch of my younger brother Sean(1976-1984) in the Fall of 1983.

When they attempted the surgery in January of 1984, it was not successful. Sean passed away 6 months before his 8th birthday.

Overtime, we (as a family) would always remind ourselves that those pork rinds allowed us to have another Christmas with Sean..and that if the surgery was a failure going into Christmas..we couldn't imagine.

Somebody you know will struggle with the holidays this year. Here is some great information that can assist in dealing with holiday depression.


Photo Credit: Getty Images

Sean Photo: KJ Carson


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