Garage Days Revisited!

Saturday August 11th is National Garage Sale Day. Ironic, because in the immediate Boston area..who ACTUALLY has a garage? 

Off street is a BLESSING (two off streets will make you find religion quick)!

So, if you see tons of yards with items for sale this weekend, it's not mass evictions.

There may be a fortune in your home.

Original Disney VHS tapes.

I'm talking "Cinderella", "Snow White", "Aladdin", and if you have a white box "Beauty and The Beast" in great shape...OH...M..GEE! If you have these, check this out!

Check out the article here of the items that could bring in some nice change from your yard sale this weekend!

If you're thinking about unloading some vinyl records, check out this site to see what they may be worth.

Happy Deal Huntin'!


Photo Credit: Getty Images


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