Sharing Is Caring!

Let's face it, if you've been with someone for more than 4 months and you haven't argued about something..something is wrong!

I can admit that my wife would lose it (and still does..I'm working on it) when I would leave dirty clothes on the floor (on my side of the bed).

"Kenneth (the wife does not call me KJ), you do this like you expect me to do it!"

I never expect her to pick up the clothes..I'm just a little slow on the follow up! 

My wife should be nominated to Sainthood when I become ashes like Arthur...

This story below is what happens when your mate snaps after repeatedly NOT DOING WHAT I ASKED YOU TO DO!

(You could feel that couldn't you?)

Check out the story where a woman went so far as to kill her husband over not respecting her wishes!

RIP Frank..Sharing is caring...


Photo Credit: Getty Images


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