(Not) Quick To Back Down..

BBQ Betty (Oakland)

Sidewalk Susan (Cambridge)

Poolside Paul (North Carolina)...

These are some of the names given to various people who have called the police on people of color for..well..just being.

Then came the Smith College incident..

The police were called about "a suspicious looking male" laying down on a campus couch by a campus employee. It turned out to be a black female who had a summer job on campus.

After the incident, the mistaken female went to TOWN on social media. Calling out the person who called the police as a "racist punk".

Was this going be a "Campus Carla"..another in the line of weird injustices that have plagued the summer of 2018?

Here's the thing...Smith College is an all girls school..

Remember, the initial call was about a suspicious male laying on a campus couch.

Legit call.

What if it was a man, who later go on to do something..and nobody said anything out of being PC?

Check out more specific details about the police call, the interaction between officers and the woman mistaken as a man here.


Photo Credit: Getty Images


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