Cut The Chord, You Might Fry!

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Have ever you ever looked at your cable bill and asked "What am I paying all this money for?"

I will answer that in a minute.

The move of people cutting cable is on the rise in favor for streaming services to replace the "phenomenon" of the home cable TV service.

First it was "I don't need the movie channels".

Then the only way you were going to see "The Wire", "Oz", or "The Sopranos" was by having the premium cable package.

Then it became "I wish I could pick and choose what channels I want"...

Yeah, one channel you wanted was in tier one and another in tier two..

So then the cable companies started offering internet. This was a game changer, and it still is.

Cutting the chord usually requires access to a wireless connection. Very cool, but a wired connection gives you no impeded speeds. Wireless reduces it's speed with the more devices you have connected to it. Phone plans with unlimited data can be a solution, but the phone company can slow your speed down after 25 gigs of data. The cable company(or phone company)can slow it down after 250 gigs of data in a month. Check the fine print on both..

Back to the original question: "What am I paying all this money for?"

The answer: Internet bandwith

See, most cable companies virtually throw in the TV service when bundled in a package. Try to go "Internet Only" and you'll pay the lion-share of a regular bill.

There's a great read here about how Netflix changed the game..along with some others.  


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