Summer Heat and Seizures

You may often hear the names of my wife and daughters on the air. I am a big believer in sharing stories that are real, because we all face real issues.

My daughter Sarah was born with a condition called hydrocephalus. It affects various areas of the brain..including areas that can trigger seizures.

About 3 years ago, Sarah was having seizures constantly. So much so, that their arrival became predictable. The good thing was that my wife and I were able to find common denominators in her situation. We learned that her sodium chloride levels were dropping to low levels about every 28 days and then a seizure would occur.

As a former athlete, I asked Sarah's doctor if sports drinks would help her maintain her levels. To me, it was like Sarah was going hard in practice, but not replenishing her electrolytes. It worked. It didn't "cure" the seizures, but it eliminated the regularity of seizures that were occurring.

This summer has been extremely hot and muggy along the East Coast. When it's extremely hot, we make sure Sarah gets outdoors early. 

Here's a great resource to dealing with varying degrees of seizure activity, and how to detect who may be prone to epilepsy.

Stay Hydrated!


Photo Credit: KJ


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