Bernadette Souza

The New 97.7 Woman of The Week - Week of August 6, 2018

(Photo Credit: Anno Photography)

Name: Bernadette Souza
From: New Bedford, MA

Nominated By: Roberta Verville

About Woman Of The Week: I've known Bernadette (Sylvia) Souza since 1981 when we were biology partners in Mrs. Pike's class at New Bedford High School. We shared a planarian regeneration experiment and dissected frogs beside one another. We bonded for life!  Bernadette is today the Executive Director for Y.O.U., Youth Opportunities Unlimited in the South End of New Bedford, she was a founding Board member of Our Sister's School and worked for years as the Assistant Director of the Boys and Girls' Club in the city. Her tireless devotion and optimism for the city and the kids is nothing short of heroic - with her words, her programming, her example, she is a real life role model for all the people of the South Coast as she encourages, supports, and perpetually seeks to enhance the services and quality of life for the under privileged in the city. She encourages independent thinking, self reliance, healthy life style, innocence and yes, optimism for a better world.

In her Facebook posts, she is unwavering in her promotion of positive affirmation, spiritual blessings and uplifting messages of hope, whether in good times or bad, her faith and her commitment to the lightness of being is appreciated by all who know & love and follow her.  

Bernadette is married and is a mother to a son. She also raised her twin niece & nephew, while their mother struggled with addiction. Bernadette lost her mom after a long illness during which she was her caregiver & a devoted daughter.  

Favorite 97.7 Artist: Earth, Wind and Fire


Congratulations to Bernadette Souza, our New 97.7 Woman Of The Week!
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