In The Heat Of The Moment...

Years ago, I had a girlfriend tell me that if I didn't argue with her, I didn't care.

Ultimately, she was right..I had not invested that much thought into giving over emotions that could be potentially dangerous. 

After all, who gauges love by how hard you fight with them?

Recently, I came across an article that was shared on The Morning Wake Up with KJ and Kesha.

How and what you argue about can tell you things about your relationship. It's a pretty interesting read, and maybe a cautionary tale of how to avoid unnecessary confrontations with your loved one.

I avoided those confrontations with that ex-girlfriend by playing a lot of Madden '02! 

Have you ever played a game so much that all of the original players on the game have retired in Career Mode?       

Check out the article on argument meanings here! 


Photo Credit: Getty Images


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