When The Neighbor Is Recovering...

The "H" epidemic is a national story, and it seems like New England is ground zero.

This isn't the first "H" epidemic in the US, as the first wave goes back to the days of Vietnam. A large amount of soldiers had tried the drug while in the combat areas of the war, and then picked up the habit when they returned to the states. Many of these users found themselves in prison for their dependency and the prison system was considered their opportunity to "recover".

The drug and the faces of the drug have changed. So has the approach in treatment. One of the update formulas is the creation of "Sober Homes". Call them a "half way house" where people can recover and receive support as they attempt to transition back into life.

Here is a great article by Yawu Miller at The Bay State Banner regarding the proliferation of Sober Homes in Roxbury and Dorchester that is worth reading.


Photo Credit: Getty Images


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