LeBum He's Not!

Wanna hear the loudest boos in the NBA? It's LeBron James at The Garden standing at the free throw line.

Some of the biggest cheers around the world right now are for LeBron James who has opened a "first of it's kind" school for kids in the greater Akron, Ohio area.

Over the years, Akron has been hit with hard times due to the recessions of the late 80's and then again in the early 2000s. Akron is LeBron's hometown, and the " I Promise" school is a promise that LeBron made to himself as a young man coming of age.

One of the most impressive aspects of the school is that all students who attend I Promise (and then graduate from High School) will receive full scholarships to Akron University.

See, LeBron is creating a new pipeline..with the end of it being a chance at prosperity for many kids and their families.

So, when LeBron returns to The Garden this year as a Laker..I'll clap one time while he's on the free throw line.

(Even though he probably wasn't fouled...lol)

See more about LeBron James' I Promise School here!


Photo Credit: Getty Images


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