I'm Not Super Fly or DoughBoy..

First, I will say that I have never walked into the Tannery, but I do know people who shop in the area..

I also know people who own businesses in the neighborhood as well.

The state's attorney general has brought charges of discrimination business practices against the owner of the shoe store "The Tannery".

In the article seen here, it tells of two stories about alleged incidents of discrimination that would make Bull Conner say "Damn!"

On The Morning Wake Up with KJ and Kesha, I mentioned that before people move to this country, they should refrain from watching (and believing) that movies like Superfly and Boyz N The Hood represent all people of color(though the character Furious Styles offered much in terms of wisdom). 

The are very few "Doughboy's" that make it to the Copley area to buy nice shoes and boots!

Again, these allegations are alleged. If they are found to be true by the state's AG..then I guess they gotta go somewhere else like Brandi and Trey!


Photo Credit: Getty Images


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