Land For Sale..But For Who?

Dudley Square is at a crossroads.

Recently, many of the abandoned parcels of land throughout Dudley Square have become available for purchase. One of those parcels is next to Haley House (across the street from Black Market).

Anything housing/parking/land related is critical in the city of Boston.

Some of the concerns regarding future development in Dudley Square involve job opportunites and housing affordability.  Many residents wonder if Roxbury is slowly drifting away from the residents whose families have been there for generations. 

Change can be challenging.

Recently, the Boston Planning and Development Agency submitted a Request For Proposal (RFP) that included guidelines for affordable housing and mixed rate units for anyone who is thinking about building new homes on the available parcels.

For some in the community, the guidelines just aren't strong enough for the economic needs of the residents in (and near) Dudley Square.

See the article here that goes further into the available land and the concerns of some of the citizens of Roxbury.


Photo Credit: KJ Carson


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