Make Sure The Money Adds Up!

Ever heard the saying "If you're gonna cheat, then make sure they have just as much to lose as you do?"

Oh boy Mr. Matt Lauer..

Matt Lauer may have to give up $50 million in his divorce due to his scandal that was revealed last year.

To make things worse, Matt will have to pay $25 million dollars up front!

Let that sink in..He has to pay $25 million up front AND THEN ANOTHER $25 million in installments!

I will dare to say that the women who he had these trysts with were making no more than $200K a year.

If it was at least 250 DIFFERENT women (at that salary), then the math adds up. 

It wasn't.

According to the report here, Matt Lauer will also have to kick in more money to help out with the children.

Man, this feels like a cautionary tale from one of those old ABC "After School Specials" from the 70s and 80's.

Maybe that episode should be called "Don't Deposit What You Can't Take Out!"


Photo Credit: Getty Images


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