Woman Thrown In Jail For Collecting Sea Shells


With the sand sculptures at Revere Beach this weekend I found this story interesting. I mean after all, who would've thought you could get locked up for collecting sea shells on the beach? Apparently it's illegal in the state of Florida!

A Dallas woman was on vacation with her family in Key West and spent a day at the beach collecting 40 queen conch shells from the Florida Keys. Someone saw her and called the police who arrested her on the spot! She will have to serve 15 days in jail and six months of probation, and pay $768 for her souvenirs (which by the way she wasn't able to keep).

The 30 year-old woman pleaded no contest and told the judge she didn't know it was illegal to collect the shells when they contain state-protected mollusks.

A Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation officer was able to return most of the shells to the water alive after an anonymous tip led him to the woman. 


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