Scratched Off Lottery

Recently on The Morning Wake Up with KJ and Kesha, KJ mentioned that when kids are attending under funded schools, there are two ways that the matter can be addressed.

Either increase the tax base in the area of the under performing schools (i.e. increase worker wages), or the neighborhood does a "Village Takeover". The Village Takeover involves complete immersion into everything the school does (and does not do) as well as what their children are doing.

You can see the results of the Boston school study here.

Also. KJ mentioned an HBO documentary called "Little Rock Central High: 50 Years Later". It's the story of the famous school that was integrated in Arkansas, and what became of the area and the school 50 years later. It showed that despite the poor economic conditions of the area, wealthy families were sending their kids to the school because of the historic nature and the access that Ivy League schools has to Little Rock Central. The movie trailer can be seen below:

Photo Credit: Getty Images



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