Jumping Off The Broom

Face it, you will attend a wedding that will make you say to yourself:

"How muuuuuch did they spend for this?!?"

Some say that they spend heavily on their wedding receptions because the reception is for the guests..and not for the bride and groom.

My wife Regina and I were just happy to provide as much food as our guests wanted. We had a guest list of over 400 people. There were 18 people in the wedding party alone!

We were able to pull it off.

Our secret was to make sure that we weren't getting bills for our wedding. We made sure that when we left for our honeymoon, that everything was paid off tied to the wedding.

There's a fascinating article that we discussed on The Morning Wake Up with KJ and Kesha recently. It shows that there's a correlation between the cost of a wedding, the stress surrounding the wedding, and length of the marriage.

See the article here


Photo Credit: Getty Images


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