02/01/1960:The Day That Woolworth Sat Up..

One of the greatest opportunities I've had in my life was to meet 3 of the (then living) 4 men who sat down in protest of a segregated lunch counter at Woolworth's in Greensboro, NC. They were students at North Carolina A&T State University..a place that I would call my college home 30 years after this historic date in 1960. One of the men I met (the former Ezell Blair) actually would leave NC and come to Boston!

I wear this logo with pride..especially today. These men risked their lives for someone like me to be able to eat where I want to..to go where I want to...freedom. More should know about their story and legacy. It's a part of our American fabric!-KJ

Who Were The Greensboro 4?

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